When you are having a child, understanding the diverse recommendations regarding what to eat and how to live can be daunting. NHF is fortunate to have partnered with over 20 physicians, scientists and researchers to bring you the latest research in an easy to read guide.

Our Scientific Advisory Board Recommendations

The NHF Scientific Advisory board has integrated current research findings with best practices in maternal health.  Following the NHF Recommendations increases the likelihood of birthing healthier children free of chronic health conditions.

The Healthy Child Guide (used in conjunction with PregnancyKitchen.org) contains many scientifically-based recommendations for prospective parents from the NHF Scientific Advisory Board designed to increase the likelihood of healthier children free of chronic health problems.

Start Today

If you’re planning to have a child…we have healthy strategies for you.  Start Today — Become a part of our community, and sign-up to download The Healthy Guide or learn about our research study.