NHF’s Mission is to empower parents to have healthy children free of chronic health conditions

The Healthy Child Guide

The Scientific Advisory Board of Neurological Health Foundation has reviewed hundreds of research studies and has developed The Healthy Child Guide to make healthy lifestyle choices much easier for prospective parents.

The Healthy Child Guide developed by the Scientific Advisory Board of The Neurological Health Foundation (NHF), provides comprehensive empirically-based recommendations on improving nutritional status, reducing toxic exposures, and maintaining appropriate exercise/fitness programs.

As a prospective parent you are invited to download the guide and then track the progress of your pregnancy as well as the health of your child after birth. Simply sign-up for our updates and we will email you as soon as the guide is published.

The specific recommendations found in The Healthy Child Guide are designed to improve the potential of having a neurologically healthy child.

The Guide 5

The Scientific Advisory Board has also created The Guide 5, a downloadable printable for you to post in your home and share with your pregnancy team, to help you stay on track. Simply CLICK on the IMAGE to download.

To sign-up for The Healthy Child Guide Click HERE.