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the healthy child guide coverThe Healthy Child Guide

The Healthy Child Guide is a 50-page, colorful guide summarizing the most current, scientifically-based findings for having a healthy pregnancy and increasing your chance of birthing a child free of chronic health conditions. It was written by over 20 medical, scientific and health experts in prenatal health, nutrition, and toxicology. Outlining 17 easy-to-follow recommendations, The Healthy Child Guide shows that science tells the keys to unlocking your child’s full neurological potential.



Debby HamiltonAbout the Author

Dr. Hamilton is a medical doctor with a Masters of Science in Public Health degree. She has successfully counseled hundreds of couples on the steps necessary to maximize the likelihood of a full-term healthy pregnancy resulting in a healthier child. Moreover, Dr. Hamilton has dedicated her medical career to treating children with autism and ADHD. She is triple board-certified in pediatrics, integrative medicine and physician nutrition. She regularly attends national events to speak about reversing increasingly common childhood chronic health disorders. In addition to being a sought after speaker, Dr. Hamilton is a respected author who has written books about “Controlling Risk Factors Before, During & After Pregnancy.” Lastly, she is the Teaching Physician for The Neurological Health Foundation (“NHF”) and co-authored The NHF Healthy Child Guide with other members of the NHF Scientific Board.

Debby Hamilton, MD, MSPH, Pediatrician
Author of “Preventing Autism & ADHD: Controlling Risk Factors Before, During & After Pregnancy”
NHF Scientific Advisory Board


The Healthy Child Guide Preface by Dr. Debby Hamilton

In my twenty years as a Pediatrician, I have seen many changes in the health of our children. Early in my career as a Pediatrician, my patient appointments were primarily for school physicals, colds, and flus. These children were generally healthy and recovered quickly from their illnesses. However, children’s health status has declined over time. Now, I have a specialty clinic full of children with chronic neurological and physical health problems. These children suffer throughout their lives with illnesses such as autism, ADHD, asthma, allergies, and chronic pain. Many parents growing up had not seen children with these chronic health problems and never expected to parent a child with one.

Because of the declining health of our children, I began researching prevention of these illnesses. The research repeatedly steered me toward risk factors from the mother that influenced the health of her child. I began writing and teaching women about these risk factors to their health before conception. It has been wonderful to see healthy pregnancies and healthy children come from this education. By taking charge of their own health, I have seen women become empowered knowing that they are doing their best for the health of their future child.

The Healthy Child Guide and are based on the research and the clinical experience of the Neurological Health Foundation Scientific Advisory Board, including many highly regarded medical physicians, nutritionists, and research scientists. The Healthy Child Guide is a step-by-step plan you and your partner can follow to improve the health of your child. The key is in the timing. Before conception is the perfect time to improve your health. Improved preconception health has been shown by multiple research studies to greatly improve the health of a child.

Improving Nutrition

The Healthy Child Guide focuses on recommendations in several specific areas. One of the recommendations focuses on nutrition which is the cornerstone of health for all people. Individuals need to have a natural source of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to be healthy. If you are trying to have a healthy child, you have to feed this child healthy food from the beginning. Many women are not healthy themselves and often have undiagnosed nutrition deficiencies. These may not cause overt health problems in an adult but can be devastating to a growing child. Many key organs are formed early in pregnancy before most women know they are pregnant so a woman needs to have adequate stores of all the essential nutrients.

Reducing Toxic Exposures

Our world is filled with many chemicals in our food, our water, and in products that we come into contact with every day. While avoiding all toxic exposures may be difficult, there are many steps that you can take to avoid some of the more toxic chemicals. Education is key. Knowing which chemicals to avoid is a learning process. Having the recommendations in The Healthy Child Guide as a resource makes this education much easier. All you have to do is follow The Healthy Child Guide, avoid the dangerous chemicals, and find healthier alternatives which are becoming increasingly available.

Personalized Medical Testing and Treatment

Since all women come into pregnancy with different health issues, identifying these issues on an individual basis is important. Personalized medical testing is another one of the recommendations in The Healthy Child Guide. Specialized testing can identify problems to address before pregnancy. Finding issues before pregnancy helps to avoid problems during pregnancy and with the baby after birth.

Reducing Stress and Appropriate Exercise

Identifying areas of stress is another component of The Healthy Child Guide. Pregnancy is a big life change and a physical stress on your body. Reducing stress and improving fitness goes a long way toward improving the health of your pregnancy, which naturally leads to a safer delivery and a healthier child. Ultimately, your health as a woman determines the health of your child. The Healthy Child Guide and the take away the fear and uncertainty of how to best accomplish this. You can improve your health by improving your nutrition, identifying specific health problems, reducing your stress, and reducing your toxic exposures. I encourage all women to improve their health before pregnancy. A mother’s first gift is the gift of health to her child. All children deserve this precious gift.

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