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prepregnancy healthPreparing for parenthood is a whirlwind experience, but many parents also experience an overload of information as they navigate a new pregnancy. With so much at stake with crucial developmental milestones looming, many parents feel ill prepared and overwhelmed. From selecting the right prenatal vitamins, determining the best diet to support neurodevelopment, and evaluating environmental and genetic risk factors, Dr. James B. Adams and Dr. Debby Hamilton share their extensive knowledge to help prospective parents increase their odds of a safe pregnancy and a healthier baby as hosts of the Healthy Pregnancy Summit.

As the Director of the Autism Research Program at Arizona State University and the Chair of the Science Advisory Board of the Neurological Health Foundation, Dr. Adams has dedicated his life to finding the cause of Autism and identifying ways to prevent and treat Autism. As host of the Healthy Pregnancy Summit, Dr. Adams focus is primarily on prevention and highlights biomedical and environmental risk factors and nutritional deficiencies that contribute to developing Autism.

Dr. Debby Hamilton is an Integrative Pediatrician with over 25 years of experience, a member of the Science Advisory Board for the Neurological Health Foundation and best-selling author of the book, “Preventing Autism & ADHD: Controlling Risk Factors Before, During & After Pregnancy”. Dr. Hamilton has a M.D. from the University of Health Sciences in Chicago, and a Master of Science degree in Public Health from the University of Colorado. She is an advocate for both Autism/ADHD prevention and treatment and has a focus in infant nutrition. Dr. Hamilton is a member of the Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs and the American Holistic Medical Association.

As experts in their respective fields for child health disorders, risk reduction, and pregnancy complications, Dr. Adams and Dr. Hamilton are committed to sharing their expertise to help expectant parents identify and avoid pregnancy complications such as gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and anemia. These disorders alone contribute to serious complications in 30-50% of all pregnancies, however, many expectant parents are shocked to discover that significant risk factors and preventable everyday toxic exposures during pregnancy can contribute to the increased risk of miscarriage and child health disorders such as autism, ADHD and asthma. planning delivery

In a world where environmental toxins, stress and insufficient nutrition all affect the success of a healthy pregnancy, Dr. Hamilton highlights the most important factors to consider to ensure a safer pregnancy and a healthier baby. Beginning a full spectrum prenatal vitamin at the time of conception is ideal as one of the most common problems and most easily preventable pregnancy complications is iron deficiency. About 20 to 40% of women develop low iron during their pregnancy, leading to problems for them and their infant. Dr. Adams highlights the importance of removing environmental toxins, specifically air quality and heavy metal exposures during gestation. Simply dusting more frequently, avoiding exposure to second hand smoke, drinking a quality mineral water and switching to organic or mineral based makeups and cleaning products before conception and throughout the pregnancy can significantly reduce the level of toxic exposures to mother and child.

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Learn even more ways to increase the odds of a healthy pregnancy. Join Dr. Adams and Dr. Hamilton along with 20+ pregnancy experts to discover how you can best prepare for your healthy baby.

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